09 November 2013

Should Google Be Forced To Filter Search Results?

There are a lot of people out there with things in their past that they're not proud of. Sometimes those things make there way to the Internet and do a great deal of damage to their reputation. This stuff comes up when people search on Google, and Google traditionally has not removed such content unless required to do so by law.

One man is currently trying to get his damaging content out of Google, and not just removed, but filtered as it's created. A French court has sided with him, and ordered Google to comply.

Do you think Google should be forced to filter results? 


Wazen said...

We had a similar case with one of our client databases.

The database is used to host online criminal investigations files for a judiciary system of an Arab country.

One of the records was a rape case, where the name of the victim (a university professor which was raped) was in there along with the full details of the rape case.

The victim students found their professor story published on the web by doing a simple research on her name on Google. in fact it was the first results link showed!

We got a phone call from the professor to remove her story, as she doesn't want to remember the story and Google search is affecting her reputation and threatening her future. she was willing to sue us in the court if we don't comply.

After removing the database record, the record kep on showing for a considerable time by google cache.

I believe that there should be some privacy respect in the Google search results, however this might limit the extreme benefit of Google search. maybe The french court should force the website hosting the victim man record to be removed instead of Google!

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Gilberto Still said...

I think it should be, and not only in order not to denigrate such people once again, but so that, for example, children could not find some terrible things using Google search. And it would also be nice to add an option to remove content from search results based on the claims of people who may be denigrated by this content. By the way, there is a detailed post on Instagram with screenshots on this topic. Unfortunately, I no longer remember its name, but I remembered for sure that it had about 67 thousand likes! I'm sure its author used https://soclikes.com/buy-instagram-likes to buy likes.