22 September 2014

A myriad of charge–free bonuses

We give you extra value for your money by including multiple cost–free bonus features with each cloud web hosting package. Our cloud hosting packages and semi-dedicated servers feature our custom Online Control Panel, which is full of useful tools that will help you quickly build a brand–new web site or take your existing sites to a higher level, among them Application Installer tool, an Instant Website Installer, a Framework Installer, a Free Website Creating Instrument, a collection of numerous zero cost design templates. Moreover, each cloud web hosting plan offers you the possibility to register a brand new domain free of charge.
With each of our VPS servers and dedicated servers, you’ll get our Online Control Panel and all the features associated with it at absolutely no cost as well. You’ll also get several dedicated IP addresses and a collection of cost–free tools for your reseller hosting business, including free billing software and a free domain reseller account.
A myriad of charge–free bonuses

15 September 2014

Web Hosting Control Panel Web site management made simple and easy

Web Hosting Control Panel

Web Hosting Control PanelWeb site management made simple and easy

Web site administration has been now simplified. Our point ’n’ click Online Control Panel puts all standard website administration procedures at your fingertips. You can upload any kind of documents using simple drag ’n’ drop movements, manage all the settings of your domain names and web sites by just a single place, register and transfer multiple domain names, set up and control numerous email mailbox accounts, control e–mail list campaigns, create databases, buy SSL Certificates to protect your customers, etc.. Detailed statistics will keep you up–to–date with all visits and activities on your websites.

09 September 2014

Eurabia Hosting = Best cloud hosting?

All–Inclusive Domain Manager

Revise name servers, make subdomains, etc.

Within the Control Panel you’ll find a point–and–click domain management tool with a host of controls for managing multiple domain names at the same time. You can effortlessly set up sub–domains, forward web sites, alter the nameservers and the WHOIS information associated with a domain name, specify custom DNS entries and more.
In addition to the typical domain name controls, in the Domain Manager you will also find an option to shield your domain name registration information by using the WHOIS protection functionality and to safeguard your e–commerce portal’s monetary transactions with normal or wildcard SSLs.

21 February 2014

Article: MICROSOFT'S NEW CEO: This Is The Big Culture Change We Need

Microsoft's new CEO Satya Nadella speaks! He gave his first interview to the New York Times. It's not really about the specific challenges for Microsoft. It's mostly about his management style. However, there is one semi-specific piece about how he wants to change the culture at Microsoft: So how...


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Pascal Fares

Article: Connect or die: why Facebook needed WhatsApp

Facebook's mission statement isn't a promise, it's a threat When Mark Zuckerberg says he wants to "connect the world's people," it's not some gentle, humanist statement. Zuckerberg intends to own the communications layer of the world we live in — if today's $16-plus billion acquisition of messagi...