21 February 2014

Article: MICROSOFT'S NEW CEO: This Is The Big Culture Change We Need

Microsoft's new CEO Satya Nadella speaks! He gave his first interview to the New York Times. It's not really about the specific challenges for Microsoft. It's mostly about his management style. However, there is one semi-specific piece about how he wants to change the culture at Microsoft: So how...


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Pascal Fares

Article: Connect or die: why Facebook needed WhatsApp

Facebook's mission statement isn't a promise, it's a threat When Mark Zuckerberg says he wants to "connect the world's people," it's not some gentle, humanist statement. Zuckerberg intends to own the communications layer of the world we live in — if today's $16-plus billion acquisition of messagi...


Article: Google’s Project Tango: It’s like Kinect in a phone but not just for fun and games

Don't look now but Google's at it again. The company has always wanted to index the world's information and its latest effort, dubbed Project Tango, takes that mantra and applies it specifically to the world around you. Yes, you. And me. And everyone else in the world too if Project Tango expands...