24 September 2013

Detecting Program-Tampering in the Cloud

MIT News (09/11/13) Larry Hardesty 

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) researchers have developed a system that can quickly verify if a program running on the cloud is executing properly, and that no malicious code is interfering with the program. The system also protects the data used by applications running in the cloud, cryptographically ensuring that the user will not learn anything other than the immediate results of the requested computation. The system currently only works with programs written in the C programming language, but the researchers say adapting it to other languages should be straight forward. MIT's Alessandro Chiesa notes that since the system protects both the integrity of programs running in the cloud and the data they use, it is a good complement to the cryptographic technique known as homomorphic encryption, which protects the data transmitted by the users of cloud applications. The system implements a variation of a zero-knowledge proof, a type of mathematical game that enables one of the game's players to prove to the other that he or she knows a secret key without actually divulging it.

13 September 2013

Facebook Has Gone To The Witches

The Koch Brothers' Secret Bank
Freedom Partners was unknown to almost everyone in politics. It raised and spent $250 million in 2012 to shape political and policy debate nationwide. It is an outlet for the ideas and funds of the mysterious Koch brothers.

Switching From The iPhone To Android? Read This First
Lots of people expected more from Apple's announcement yesterday. If you're not excited by the new iPhone 5c and iPhone 5s, and the prospect of upgrading to iOS 7 leaves you cold, we've got you covered.

You Should Really Just Click This Already
No matter what you're looking to build, Squarespace makes it fast and easy. To prove it, we're going to feature the best site made by any Digg reader who signs up with Squarespace this week. That's right, you could be right here. Your mom will be so proud.
What Witchcraft Is Facebook?

Mass psychogenic illness—historically known as "mass hysteria"—is making a comeback.

Vladimir Putin Writes NYT Op-Ed
In his piece urging the U.S. to use caution in Syria, Putin claims that chemical weapons were used by Syrian rebels and warns that the same militants are preparing an attack on Israel.
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05 September 2013

DuckDuckGo Friends Newsletter #42

> Dear DuckDuckGo friends,
> Two new search records last month: breaking 4 million a day and 115 million for the month! https://duckduckgo.com/traffic/
> We've continued to roll out changes to our community platform at http://dukgo.com/ and have a bunch more in store over the next few months. We're trying to consolidate all of our secondary sites onto this open-source platform. From this past month check out:
> -- new help pages: https://dukgo.com/help/en_US
> -- new feedback system: https://duckduckgo.com/feedback
> -- new blog posts highlighting some of our search partners: https://dukgo.com/blog
> Thank you for your continued support!
> The DuckDuckGo Team