Semi dedicated hosting

• Semi-dedicated plans for ‘grown-up’ shared users
Your online demands have grown so much that the regular shared hosting service is not already a perfect fit? Your websites are so traffic-consuming and stuffed with running applications and programs that the most generously packed web hosting plan could hardly accommodate them? Your diagnosis then is – ‘in need of a semi-dedicated hosting solution’. Our affordable semi-dedicated hosting packages are set up to meet your increased demands of basic server resources, allowing you to keep expanding your web presence and reinforcing your competitiveness.

Our semi-dedicated servers come with the in-house built Hepsia Control Panel featuring an easy to use interface for managing your server like you manage a regular hosting account.

We are offering a semi-dedicated server solution to all users who need more server resources for their web presence than a shared web hosting or VPS hosting account could ensure. Each semi-dedicated server account is loaded with unlimited quotas of disk space, monthly traffic, hosted domains, emails, etc. and you will be able to avail of impressive amounts of CPU and MySQL queries for your growing websites. Also, your semi-dedicated server is coming with a free user-friendly Control Panel, developed entirely by us.