Domain Name

Choosing a domain name is very important for your online uniqueness. To get a good name for your web site you should set up an Internet address, otherwise known as registering a domain name. With our web hosting plans, you can choose among a wide range of domain extensions. Pick one that is well descriptive of your website's main subject. A well-formulated word combination - easy to memorize and spell, will maximize the value of your online presence and help you maintain a good ranking in all search engines.

What do TLD and SLD of a domain name stand for:
A domain name consists of two basic parts: TLD and SLD. TLD stands for "top-level domain" and represents the last part of a domain name in an Internet address. SLD is the abbreviation for "second-level domain" and identifies the part of the domain name that you personally invent and that precedes the TLD. For instance, in the domain name ‘’, the TLD is ’.com’ and the SLD is ‘my-best-domain’.

What you can expect from our TLD offerings:
We are offering a variety of domain name TLDs with our web hosting packages belonging to two categories – generic TLDs, including the most popular TLDs, such as .com .net .org, etc.; and specific or country code TLDs, such as .ca,, .eu, and many more. Some of our TLDs may be offered at a discounted price, so check for our promotions regularly to get your .com, .net, .org, .biz, .us, or .info domain at a very reasonable value. All the TLDs that we offer can be purchased at sign up or later on through the web hosting Control Panel.

What you should keep in mind when choosing your domain name’s TLD:
When choosing your TLD, you should consider the fact that most of the domain extensions, mostly country code TLDs, have particular requirements and restrictions. You can find comprehensive information about the management features and requirements of each TLD in the table below. You should also pay attention to the notes present for some of the domain names, and more particularly, to the special registration conditions applicable to some of them.

Choose a domain name for your personal or business website and have your unique web address allocated in the ever-expanding global Internet network. Simply think of a name that will best convey to your visitors the idea of your website and choose its best matching domain extension from our big variety of TLDs offered! If you already own a registered domain name, simply transfer it to us or host it as an existing domain.